An Update on Los Angeles Tourism

Somewhat of a misleading headline, because there isn’t too much by way of an official “getting back to business” date.  However, do know that the cities of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and West Hollywood are ready to go the minute they get the okay from state/federal health departments and local government.

Hollywood Hills

We’ve been in constant contact with the best in the hospitality industry.  This includes other tour operators, restaurants, hotel concierges (members of the prestigious Le Clef D’or), sports franchises, representatives from theme parks and museums, and others.  Bottomline, none of us are going anywhere, and we’re doubling down on providing the best in customer service and experiences.  Yes, some things will certainly be different when venues re-open.  There’s more questions than answers right now….What will concerts look like?  Will museums take reservations?  How will stadiums provide a safe environment for sports fans? Will restaurants reconfigure their floor plans?

None of this will matter if visitors are unable to get to our great cities.  How will airlines, buses, trains and cruise ships operate post pandemic?

City of Los Angeles Skyline

City of Los Angeles

It will certainly be a challenge, but this is also a city that survives fires, mudslides and earthquakes.  #STAYSTRONGLA, and stay healthy world!  We look forward to once again welcoming our millions of L.A. visitors sometime in the very near future.