AOC Wine Bar and Restaurant LA

Sometimes the best spots are a bit hidden and off the beaten path. 3rd Street, on the edge of Beverly Hills, has some of the best spots to pop in for a good dinner here in Los Angeles. Tucked away from the typical touristy locations, these are the staples of Los Angeles where you may see a familiar face or two while you’re there…

AOC Wine Bar and Restaurant LA

AOC Wine Bar and Restaurant LA

One of the favorites of the Glitterati Tours of Beverly Hills crew is the restaurant AOC Wine Bar and Restaurant LA. This little spot is perfect for the wine and cheese lovers, as well as anyone who is a bit indecisive (or just really likes all types of food). The restaurant menu is full of small, shareable plates and platters, allowing its guests to sample and nibble on all types of food. Meant to be shared, it makes it a great evening stop for friends to enjoy a good happy hour, or a full tasting menu.

AOC Starters and Entrees

The spot feels like you are stepping into a friend’s home, with a beautiful indoor/outdoor patio that lights up in the evenings for a soft warm glow. Add a few drinks in the mix and you’ve got yourself a warm evening full of laughs and really good food (inside scoop – definitely try some of their bacon wrapped dates to start – they do not disappoint!)

One of the best parts about this venue? If you love the food you don’t have to worry about heading back to your home state and dreaming about the good eats. Chef Suzanne Goin is all about sharing her food and her passion, and has a cookbook that you can buy and take home. The book not only teaches you how to master some of the dishes, but teaches you about the different ingredients and when and why you would use them. Who knows, maybe you’ll start experimenting and open a little shop of your own!

Indoor Outdoor Dining at A.O.C. LA

AOC is open 7-days a week for lunch and dinner, as well as a lovely brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Check out their menu and specific hours at the official AOC Wine Bar and Restaurant LA website.

-By Lindsay