Au Fudge Restaurant Los Angeles

Los Angeles is clearly known for its trendy scene. Restaurants fit for even the most involved hipster and restaurants for every late night diner that wants to hit the city and dance the rest of the night. There’s always a lot going on, but in the midst of all the crazy, there are a few places that allow for a relaxed meal for you – and yes your family. This includes the very little ones. It may sound crazy, but even Los Angeles has a place for family friendly dining – with a fun creative twist!

Au Fudge Restaurant Los Angeles

Au Fudge Restaurant Los Angeles

Au Fudge Restaurant is tucked right in the midst of some of Los Angeles’s best known spots for dining. It’s located on Melrose Ave with neighboring restaurants such as Craigs, Gracias Madre, Cecconi’s, and Tortilla Republic – some great spots for celebrity sightings! Au Fudge is definitely making a name for itself among the dining industry and for good reasons. The restaurant which was co-founded by Jessica Biel (that’s right, Jessica Biel), is an innovative take on classic family eats that is friendly for the posse, from newborns to grandma and grandpa. The restaurant focuses on taking care of the family and having a fun environment so that everyone can can enjoy their evening.

With their “creative space” parents are able to bring and drop off their kids, which is essentially a fun and stimulating daycare for the little ones. With “Au pair’s” to keep and eye on them while doing crafts, games, and making sure the kids have just as much fun as possible, while mom and dad take a much needed dinner break.

The fun doesn’t have to end with just dinner. Au Fudge gives their guests many reasons to come back, visit and play! The creative space is constantly hosting events that are fun for all ages. From movie night’s (every Friday —- PJ’s encouraged!), to Star Wars show-downs and crafting afternoons. The events certainly are creative!

The space also has a marketplace full of oh so tre-chic items!  From chocolates, to dinnerware, to stuffed animals, to books, to trinkets to wear… that are perfect for that Instagram shot!

Check out their website to see all the upcoming evenings and book a table during your stay in Los Angeles! http://www.aufudge.com/

-By Lindsay, from Glitterati Private Tours of Los Angeles