The Best Experiences in Los Angeles

The Best Experiences in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica


As we approach one of the busiest seasons of the year for visitors to Southern California, we want to make sure guests truly get the most out of their stay.

When seeking out experiences, excursions, guided hikes, bike tours, sightseeing tours, and transportation, make sure your choice is reputable. Nowadays, just about everyone is a “professional.” Dig deep online and make sure to read the fine print on offerings. There’s no doubt that there are some fantastic options that will offer up unique, one-of-a-kind experiences, but questions to ask:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Are they licensed?
  • Is there insurance coverage?
  • What is their background in their particular field?

Technology has certainly changed the way people travel, where they stay, and how they’re entertained. Mostly for good, but its also opened the door to people looking for a quick buck.

We see it daily on our streets, especially around the popular tourist areas. Maybe a not so clean van, with a not so clean guide will offer you a tour for a too-hard-to-pass-up rate of $19 to $29 per person. Run!   You’ll get exactly what you pay for, or less. Plus, safety can be a real issue.

Look up the companies that you plan on booking. Tour companies in California for instance, are fully regulated by the Public Utilities Commission and The Department of Motor Vehicles, and locally, they must be licensed by the city of Los Angeles.  This would also include random drug and alcohol testing for employees. The California Highway Patrol also requires these legit companies to maintain maintenance records on all vehicles.

The best experiences in Los Angeles

The Experienced Team
at Glitterati Tours L.A.

Certainly, when a company pays a premium to stay on top of all the rules and regulations, the price they charge may reflect that, especially for private tours like we at Glitterati Tours provide…for it’s just you and your guide in a luxury SUV.


Glitterati Tours L.A. Vehicles

Glitterati Tours L.A. Vehicles

We know that Glitterati Private L.A. Tours may not be for everyone.  Again, our goal is to make sure guests to our city get exactly what they want and at a price point they’re willing to spend.  So we’re comfortable in recommending two amazing companies that provide tourism around our city via alternative transportation.

If you prefer a larger bus group tour, look no further than A Day in L.A. Tours.  They provide all day sightseeing tours.  Like us, they have a phenomenal reputation on TripAdvisor and a fantastic staff.

Want the outdoor experience via a bike or a hike?  Visit Bikes & Hikes.  Owner Danny Roman and his team provide everything from hikes up to the Hollywood sign, to bike tours around the city and beaches.

Enjoy your stay in Los Angeles, and whether you utilize our company or not during your visit, check out the “LA INFO” tab on our Glitterati Tours website for the best in hotels, dining, things to do, and events.