Bluestone Lane Coffee in Los Angeles

Brunch isn’t brunch in Los Angeles unless you have some Avocado toast (or, as the Aussie’s say, “avo toast”). This popular brunch item, or snack on the go has had some creative variations in this city, but no one is nailing it quite as well as they do at Bluestone Lane.

Bluestone Lane Coffee in Los Angeles is an Aussie owned coffee chain that has grown exponentially in the last year. With locations in the Valley, Weho, Mid City, and even on the West Side, there is always a shop nearby with great coffee, and great food. Their menu is filled with variations on what I find to be their specialty – toast!  From your classic peanut butter and jelly, to lox and sprouts, they have an option you’ll love. No judgements if you are a classic bread and butter kind of person. Best part of this little chain’s toast options?  They have gluten free bread, and keep their gluten free toast in a designated gluten free toaster. Celiac kids unite! While it’s popular to find gluten free options in Los Angeles, it’s hard when you are celiac to not have to worry about cross contamination. Good on the Aussies for having our backs and keeping us well!

Bluestone Lane Coffee in Los Angeles

Bluestone Lane Coffee in Los Angeles

What goes best with toast? Coffee of course! The chain specializes in coffee so coffee snobs can also grab a perfect cup of joe. No one does coffee better than the Australians. A drip for espresso lovers… grab a “Magic” coffee drink. Think a Cortado or Gibraltar – but better because it’s Aussie made.

Check out Bluestone’s website here for their locations: ​https://bluestonelane.com/​ – and definitely make a stop in to say g’day!  Their staff is just as great as their food and drinks! Definitely take a peek at the different cafes and coffee shops… maybe see if you can hit each one before you leave the City of Angels.

Cheers, Mate!

-By Lindsay

Without naming corporate names, we’ve taken our international guests to major coffee chains for a quick cup during their private tours of Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  More times than not, they pour out their $4 investment.  If you’re looking for some really good coffee, Lindsay has your back, since she’s tried just about every shop in the city.  If the others are just fine for you, there’s one on every corner.