Celebrity Sightings in Hollywood and Beverly Hills

Celebrity Sightings in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills

During our private tours of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, most visitors ask if we actually see celebrities out and about.  Our response…. EVERYDAY!   More times than not, our guests catch a glimpse during our celebrity homes tour of their favorite celeb, walking, driving, exercising, riding a bike, eating at a cafe, etc.

On our blog, we only report our celebrity sightings when they take place in a public space.  While we often see them at their homes, or in a medical office, pharmacy, a place of worship, or other expected private locations, we won’t put it in print.

Sunset Plaza

Sunset Plaza

That being said, here’s a handful of recent Hollywood celebrity sightings:

-Don Rickles, Barbara Sinatra, Cheri Oteri, Randy Jackson and Vanna White —-ALL IN ONE RESTAURANT, AT THE SAME TIME!

-On another night in the same restaurant, Kevin Hart, songwriter Diane Warren, and Steve Martin.

-We’ve seen quite a bit of Justin Bieber lately since he’s now got a new place in Beverly Hills.  Usually in an exotic sports car, followed by a security detail.

PUMP Lounge West Hollywood

PUMP Lounge West Hollywood

-Lisa Vanderpump at PUMP Lounge, and filming a reality show at Sur Restaurant West Hollywood.

-Michael Jordan and Mark Wahlberg exiting a hot Italian eatery in Beverly Hills.

-Kevin Connolly from Entourage, Dan Bilzerian, Aaron Paul and Matt Bomer (all at different times) along the Sunset Strip near Sunset Plaza.

-William (Willem) DaFoe taking in breakfast at an upscale hotel on Sunset Boulevard.