Chi Lin Restaurant in West Hollywood on the Sunset Strip

We’ve always been big fans of IDG, Innovative Dining Group.  With hotspots such as RivaBella, Katana, and Sushi Roku, they please many palates around Los Angeles.  Just the other night, the Glitterati guides and I enjoyed another IDG favorite, Boa Steakhouse on the Sunset Strip.  It was our big holiday meal, and we all loved our perfectly done entrees.  Tonight, we got to experience Chi Lin — the third in the triangle of IDG properties at Doheny and Sunset.  The service was phenomenal, and the food was even better.  Do what we did and pass your menus back to the waiter, and let them provide you with a taste of some of their best dishes.  Standouts include the scallops, the salt and pepper shrimp, fresh kale and crispy shitake mushroom salad, sea bass, and the filet mignon.  Couple these with their signature cocktails, and great wine selection.  Better yet, arrive earlier than your reservation and have a pre-dinner drink at RivaBella or Boa Steakhouse for a change in environment.

Chi Lin Restaurant

Chi Lin Restaurant

From the Chi Lin Restaurant website:

Integrating authentic Chinese cuisine with high energy and sophistication, Chi Lin combines the spirit of ancient China with the style of 21st-century Los Angeles, melding a variety of regional cuisines in a refined approach that utilizes fresh ingredients in preparations with unexpected flavors and presentations. Located on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, Chi Lin, with culinary consultant Cecile Tang, offers sophisticated, Hong Kong cuisine in a seductively designed, intimate setting.