Christmas at The Grove Los Angeles

Christmas in Los Angeles has its perks. You can feel your nose, toes, and fingers. You don’t have to worry about blizzards and snow ruining any holiday plans, and there is no running out to your car to start it 15 minutes before you leave anywhere. Really the only downside is we don’t have a natural refrigerator to help keep all the drinks cool when your fridge runs out of space from all of the holiday goodies!

Christmas at The Grove Los Angeles

Santa’s Village at The Grove

That being said, sometimes it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas without a light dusting of snow and a slight crispness to the air. Luckily for us we have zero humidity this time of year and the evening can give you that slight chill where you can bundle up a little bit (don’t judge us for being cold).

If you do find yourself here throughout the holidays and looking for a bit of that holiday classic cheer, you may want to head over and have Christmas at The Grove Los Angeles, and Original Farmers Market for the day. Limited stores and restaurants will be open, but the christmas music will be all about, hot cocoa, and snowfall for all at 7PM and 8PM. It may not be quite the real thing, but it is about as close as it gets for us here in the City of Angels.  (Check both links above for any updated schedules on events and store hours).

Original Farmers Market LA

Original Farmers Market LA

Restaurants and stores that will be open are:

Gap: 11AM – 10PM, La Piazza: 11:30AM – 10PM, Ladurée: 9AM – 5PM, Pacific Theatres: 11AM – 12AM  and Umami Burger: 11AM – 11PM

Stop in for a movie and drinks at the Pacific Theatre to end a day of eating and gift giving! The theater will be open (along with its bar!) and movies for everyone in the family will be the perfect way to end a Los Angeles Christmas – we are the hub of entertainment!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

-By Lindsay at Glitterati Tours LA