Comic-Con 2015 in San Diego

Comic-Con is currently underway July 9th-12th, 2015, at the San Diego Convention Center.  This amazing convention showcases fantasy and science fiction films, TV, and pop culture related entertainment with toys, video games, fantasy novels, anime, and webcomics.  Well over 100,000 fans will attend this years event.  Special guests include some of the biggest names in Hollywood, with actors, directors, writers, artists and producers introducing guests to their latest projects.

Comic-Con San Diego

Comic-Con San Diego

Need a break from Comic-Con and all the action or have some extra time?  In just under 3-hours, one can make their way north to Los Angeles.  Enjoy the Southern California sunshine, and see the birthplace of quite a bit that is being showcased at the convention down south.  Major studios in a small radius include Warner Bros., Disney Studios, Universal Studios, Paramount, Fox Studios, and Sony/MGM.  Glitterati Tours can provide guests with a wonderful city tour with an emphasis on the studios that put Hollywood on the map.  We can even cover the gone-but-not-forgotten names like the original United Artists, RKO and Desilu.  This particular Hollywood tour is called “Whirlwind LA, Plus Studios.”  It is 3-hours in duration when departing from the Hollywood or Beverly Hills area.


Due to the uncertainty of CoVID-19, and to protect our guests and employees, Glitterati Tours will temporarily suspend all excursions until further notice.

Please check back for any future updates. Thank you, and STAY HEALTHY WORLD!