Escape the Night on YouTube

Chances are if you or someone in your family (we see you Gen Z) is a YouTuber fanatic you’ve probably heard of Joey Graceffa’s “Escape the Night” on YouTube’s premium.   The show just wrapped up its 4th season, making it the longest running show on the streaming platform – and for good reason. It’s a hit!  The show combines reality and surreality as Joey hosts top YouTubers on a fantasy adventure… Imagine the most elaborate escape room, and then imagine it ten times crazier, bigger, and add in some life or death drama to really spice it up.

Joey Graceffa on YouTube

Don’t worry. Remember it’s “surreality” so no YouTuber is harmed in real life. But you can see some of the most popular names in the online business getting a little bit crazy and doing what they do best – acting out in a larger than life fashion. You can check out the show on YouTube – it’s not hard to find with names like Joey Graceffa, Miranda Sings, Tana Minogue, Liza Koshy, and other big names signed on. In case you do need a little help, the link to the show is right here:  Escape the Night on YouTube. ​

Good news is if you are already obsessed with this fan favorite show you have a chance to experience it for yourself.

Escape the Night on YouTube

Escape the Night on YouTube

For the next few weeks, Joey has built himself an actual escape room based on season four of his cult smash hit. You can find yourself doing similar puzzles the YouTubers did – and if you really want to dive in, you have a chance to MEET Joey and some of the favorite helpers and villains from the season. Details can be found on the experience’s website here: https://escapethenighttickets.com/e/la​.

Check out #ETNEscapeRoom for an inside look on the event that launched it all last week on a red carpet in Beverly Hills.

-By Lindsay

One of our most frequently asked questions is “can you show us YouTuber’s homes during your celebrity homes tour?”  The answer is yes and no.  Many live over the hill from Hollywood, which is called The Valley.  It’s too far to travel during a private Hollywood celebrity homes tour.  Plus, many YouTubers that are requested are much too young to own/lease a home, and therefore, much harder to track down.  However, we do have a handful of crowd favorites on our roster!