Ghost Tours and Scandals of Los Angeles

Tis the season for ghost tours and scandals of Los Angeles.  Many international guests refer to our popular “Underbelly LA” tour as a ghost tour, but many domestic guests know them as the scandals that shocked the world.

Ghost Tours and Scandals of Los Angeles

Ghost Tours and Scandals of Los Angeles

Literally, Sunset Boulevard is the main artery to many of the most famous Hollywood dark side stories.  For it’s on, or just off this main strip, that the overdose deaths of Janis Joplin, John Belushi, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, River Phoenix and Whitney Houston took place.  It’s also on, or very close to the Manson Murders (Sharon Tate, but not the La Bianca’s), Bugsy Siegel death, Lana Turner drama, Ronnie Chasen shooting, The Menendez murders, The O.J. Simpson saga, and the Howard Hughes plane crash took place.  Also here, the George Michael, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton arrests.

Glitterati Tours covers all this and more during our “Underbelly LA” tour.  It’s a city tour with an emphasis on the many scandals mentioned above.  It’s perfect for those looking for something unique during the Halloween season.  We also include a cemetery or two where many Hollywood legends have been laid to rest.

Here’s a brief description of this tour from our website:


Los Angeles tour involving famous scandals

From Manson to Menendez, and O.J. Simpson to Michael Jackson, this town is full of scandals. Your haunting Los Angeles tour will combine “Just the Hills,” (Celebrity Homes) tour with an emphasis on the notorious scandals and crime scenes that sparked not only books and movies, but fear throughout the community. On this tour, you will see where they lived, partied, died, and ultimately, where quite a few are buried. Every corner has a story to tell, and Glitterati Tours can be your medium that connects you to the headlines that shocked the world.