Guitar Center Hollywood And Rock Walk

A handful of times during our tours of Los Angeles, our guests from as far away as Australia, have requested a stop at Guitar Center Hollywood for a quick purchase.

Rock Walk Hollywood

Even though they’ve done a bit of research prior to the stop, they can still be blown away with the size and stock of Guitar Center Hollywood, with brands such as Fender, Gibson, Martin, Taylor, Marshall, Vox , Roland , Z Vex, Love Pedals, Line 6, Avid, Apple, Apogee, Nord, Casio, Yamaha, JBL, DAS, DW, Pearl, Tama, and more.

Rock Walk at Guitar Center

Plus a music lover can enjoy the Rock Walk which has immortalized over 400 musicians through Rock Walk inductions (Les Paul, Eddie Van Halen, Alice Cooper, The Animals, Motley Crue, Jimmie Vaughan, The Cure, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne…)

Guitar Center Hollywood

While here, also see the hand-signed guitar collection and memorabilia.

Guitar Center Hollywood Rock Walk

With an incredible, friendly and knowledgable staff, the Guitar Center Hollywood website says it all… “But for all of this history and lore the only thing that keeps this place relevant are our customers. Without you we have no soul. So please come on down and continue to help us make this the greatest music store on earth”!!!

Guitar Center Hollywood