Is it Safe To Visit Los Angeles with the Recent Election?

Is it safe to visit Los Angeles after the recent election that took place on November 8th, 2016?  Simply, yes!  This is the furthest thing from a political blog post that you’ll find from the millions of political commentaries on the internet, but Glitterati Tours of Beverly Hills wants to keep potential visitors up-to-date on ALL information in and around the city of Los Angeles.

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Laughter Truly is the Best Medicine During Tough Times

America has obviously had quite the week.  Approximately half the country is celebrating, while the other half of the country is scratching its head.  Again, just the facts, with zero judgement.  It’s exactly what America and the world has seen and heard about over and over again via radio, podcasts, television and of course, social media.

Back to L.A. —-There has been a rally each and every night since voting took place on Tuesday.  Most of this has been in our Downtown Los Angeles area, and MacArthur Park.  Most of this has been peaceful, with a handful or arrests, primary for vandalism.  It’s possible that we may or may not see protests or rallies in the Hollywood area.  If it does happen, it will most likely occur along Hollywood Boulevard, or down in Westwood near our Federal Building.  Plus, we’ve got the wonderful men and women from the Beverly Hills Police Department, the West Hollywood Sheriffs, and the Los Angeles Police Department keeping a watchful eye on our cities within a city.

We keep tabs on these type of events taking place in the city and avoid them.  Again, while most are peaceful, our guests as well as our guides, don’t want to be involved in traffic jam of horn honking and protesters caught up in the moment banging on car windows shouting out political views—regardless of how one voted.

We’re even seeing in the news about a few countries outlining travel advisories for visits to the United States.  This is fine, but it’s like visiting any country.   With a little research, you learn where one should, and shouldn’t visit.  There’s even a handful of places in our own city that we won’t enter.  If we don’t go there on a regular basis, we’re certainly not going to take our guests there, no matter how much they beg us for a quick peek.

Is it safe to visit Los Angeles…see for yourself.  Election aside, we Angelenos have a preconceived reputation for being fake, plastic and unfriendly.  As Los Angeles tour guide ambassadors, we hear from guests everyday how awesome, helpful, friendly, polite, welcoming, conversational, genuine and warm the wonderful folks in and around L.A. have been during their visits.