John Kelly Chocolates LA for Valentine’s Day

Love it or hate it – Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for a sweet treat. Whether you find yourself wanting to grab the perfect (or unique) chocolate for a significant other, or just want to treat yourself, February is the month to go above and beyond.

Valentine's Day Chocolate LA

Valentine’s Day Chocolate

Here at Glitterati Tours we are lucky enough to be within walking distance to one of the country’s best chocolatiers (or unlucky, because it’s DANGEROUSLY close…). Don’t let this discourage you if you aren’t around Los Angeles and find yourself wanting some of the best chocolate the city has to offer. We wouldn’t want to tease you.  John Kelly makes their chocolates daily, and ships them all over the country for its customers that have an extra active sweet tooth. So whether you find yourself chilling in Minnesota, fighting the humidity in Florida, or hanging out in Seattle, you can have delicious chocolate for your Valentine, Galentine, or just for you (#Selfcare anyone?)

John Kelly Chocolates LA for Valentine's Day

The Variety Box of Chocolates from John Kelly

Being a chocolatier, of course John Kelly Chocolates LA for Valentine’s Day goes all out. Their already beautiful packaging gets a twist that is most certainly Cupid-approved over the month. With Pink boxes and ribbons they have all the extra “gush” one could want for the holiday. Heart-shaped candies are a highlight for the season. For those of you not feeling the love? Don’t worry. They still have that classic brown and gold packaging that makes you dream of caramel and all types of chocolate whether it be dark, milk, or semi-sweet. In fact, maybe you could grab a couple of chocolate frogs to kiss (maybe one will turn into a prince or princess?). You never know…

John Kelly Chocolates LA

John Kelly Chocolates LA

You can find all of John Kelly’s decadent chocolate products at their website here: https://www.johnkellychocolates.com/​. Everything from Valentine’s candies to new interesting flavors like jalapeno chocolate (you did read that correctly). Make sure to check them out and order in time for the big day!

Best Chocolate in Los Angeles

John Kelly Chocolates Display

-By Lindsay

There’s never a bad time of year for chocolates.  We know every sweet spot in town, so whether it’s John Kelly Chocolates, or something else unique to L.A., let your guide know during your private Los Angeles tour if you’d like to make a special stop.