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Meet our Team of L.A. Tour Guides At Glitterati Tours of Los Angeles

We want potential guests to have any and all information at their fingertips when planning their private sightseeing tour. By far, the most important aspect to any company, is a passionate and dedicated team that goes above and beyond in customer service.

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Some of the Glitterati Tours Team Enjoying the Perfect Balance Between Work and Play


Your Glitterati Tours Team for Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

Your Glitterati Tours Team for Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

Here’s a little bit more about this fantastic group of Glitterati Tours multi-talented L.A. tour guides:


Dan Torson is a Midwestern transplant to Los Angeles from Omaha, Nebraska. He goes back to visit often, but he now calls L.A. home. Dan enjoys the variety of entertainment L.A. has to offer and is fascinated by the history of the city’s biggest heroes–and villains.

After graduating with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Kansas, Dan came to Los Angeles to pursue comedy and acting. He writes and performs sketch, improvisation, and musicals at venues across the city. Dan recently won Breakthrough Performer at iO West Theater and continues to climb the comedy ladder.

Celebrity Fun Fact: Dan’s involves Arnold Schwarzenegger and a bowl of Muesli, but you’ll have to ask him about it.

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Tod Macofsky is a native of Los Angeles, having been born in a Hollywood hospital.  He has been performing in theatre, film and television for over 30 years. After studying theatre directing at UCLA, he began performing in cruise ship production shows on Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Radisson, Silver Sea, and Oceania Cruise Lines over a 12-year period.  As a singer, Tod has performed with Lily Tomlin, Joanna Gleason, Liz Torres, Valarie Pettiford, Jane Lanier, Nancy Dussault, Malcolm Getz, and Jerry Herman.  Tod is currently touring the country in the musical it gets better, a show based on the hugely successful anti-bullying campaign started by Dan Savage. He recently appeared on the reality TV shows Dance Moms and I Am Cait.  Tod is the co-writer and one-half of the comic cabaret duo Mack & Poppy.  You may remember Tod from the ABC-TV show Castle on which he played a very convincing dead body.  He is a huge fan of trivia and was a contestant on Jeopardy! in 2014.

Celebrity Fun Fact: Tod’s favorite brush with fame was when he was working on the feature film Hitchcock in a scene with Sir Anthony Hopkins and Dame Helen Mirren.  They were both very friendly and incredibly gracious.

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Colin Koth was born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Though he misses the people and places in South Dakota, he certainly doesn’t miss the cold weather. Between the beautiful weather, endless entertainment, and culture of Los Angeles, Colin wouldn’t have it any other way: he certainly loves his new home.

Colin always enjoyed sports, music and stories growing up. He excelled in these areas throughout high school and college—specifically in basketball, track and field, concert band, choir, and theater. He finished college with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Communications and a minor in English. Today, he still enjoys running, playing basketball, piano, guitar, acting and reading. When he’s not showing guests around the city, he’s taking acting classes and auditioning for commercials, TV and  film. You may have seen him running in a Skechers ad or eating dog food for PetSmart. For more on Colin, visit his official Hollywood website:  ColinKoth.com

Celebrity Fun Fact: “I met Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber all within a matter of a few minutes. They didn’t have a whole lot to say, but I remember each of them being very kind. In fact, I’ll never forget that Kim Kardashian said, ‘Thank you, sweetie,’ to me as I walked her over to the green room.”

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Paul is a good old Midwesterner from Wisconsin, born and raised in Racine… only a few cities away from David.  He has called L.A. home since driving cross country to the West Coast almost 30 years ago in an ’88 Thunderbird  and has worked in professional Television, Film and Theatre ever since.

Having lived and worked all over the city and at many of the studios and other locations featured in our Glitterati Tours, Paul couldn’t be more excited or at home sharing his love of Hollywood and all things Los Angeles. You might even convince him to share a few fun stories. He’s got a lot of ‘em having worked with everyone from Jack Jones, Frank Gorshin, Betty White, Carrie Fisher and Robin Williams to Duane ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Julianne Hough and the cast of GREASE LIVE on Fox! For more on Paul, visit his official website:  PaulNygro.com

Celebrity Fun Fact:   Ask Paul about his year working with Paula Abdul, playing poker backstage with Frank Gorshin in Vegas, or almost needing neck surgery after working with The Rock.

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Peter Osterweil is a Boston boy born and raised (and no, he doesn’t have an accent), who loves learning more about the city he now calls home.  What he loves most about Los Angeles is how intertwined the entertainment industry is with daily life, especially being that he is a huge television and film buff.

Outside of giving tours, Peter is also an actor himself, having studied acting, comedy, singing and film production at Sarah Lawrence College.  As a frequent traveler, he speaks Japanese, and small amounts of Hindi and French.  Peter is an avid sports fan and huge trivia buff with an impressive three-time New York City bar trivia champion status!  So if you need to know the capitol of Tonga, he’s your man.

Celebrity Fun Fact:  Peter has been in James Franco’s hotel room, while James was in his underwear.

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Living in Los Angeles for 5 years, Sherrod loves this “la la land” he now calls home. His eclectic experiences include crashing the Golden Globes, surfing in the Pacific and watching Bruno Mars, Adele and Beyoncé perform live at The Grammy’s. Sherrod rarely finds a dull moment, building a startup tech company, hiking local trails and Yosemite, doing all things outdoors including paddle boarding, producing films and acting on the side. One of his favorite summer activities is listening to live performances at the Hollywood Bowl under the night stars with a glass of red in hand. From competing in Malibu triathlons to throwing dinners and parties for his eclectic friends, Sherrod intentionally surrounds himself with really exceptional, positive people.

Celebrity fun fact: Sherrod randomly bumps into celebrities all the time in random places like CVS, the grocery store and famous local deli’s–Sophia Vergera, Leonardo Di Caprio, Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Ben Affleck, to name a few.



Tom was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas (Go Spurs Go!). After double majoring in Theatre and Film at SMU in Dallas, Tom moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.
Tom’s most notable acting role was “Charlie” the PR assistant in the NBA2k18 and NBA2k19 video games. In production, Tom works on NBC’s The Voice as a guest escort for the coaches, and also gives tours of the Universal Studios back lot. In his free time Tom plays guitar in a folk rock band, works as a group fitness instructor, and enjoys writing fiction novels (available on Amazon!) and scripts for stage and screen.
He is fascinated with Hollywood history and classic films and loves to share this passion with guests on his tours.
Celebrity Fun Fact: Ask Tom about the time John Stamos sang him happy birthday, or the time he played beer pong with Dane Cook —-or the time he got a private concert with Paul McCartney and Beck! 
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David has been a guide with Glitterati Tours since day one. He’s been in the travel and hospitality industry since 1985, when he began working internationally for Northwest Airlines, exploring the world. He is a proud cheese-head from Burlington Wisconsin and came to Los Angeles more than twenty years ago to obtain his Master’s degree from U.C.L.A. David spends his summers teaching and directing at the nationally recognized Idyllwild Arts Summer Children’s Theater program, high in the mountains above Palm Springs. David is also a game show king, having been on dozens of shows (He’s even been a contestant on Pyramid with 3 different hosts).

“I learn something new about Los Angeles every week, and I am still excited to share what I’ve learned with my guests!Celebrity Fun Fact: My most exciting celebrity encounter? Ask me about the time I kissed Susan Sarandon or sat on Kathy Griffin’s lap.


David with Glitterati Tours of Los Angeles


UPDATE:  David has since moved on to a new home…HAWAII!  It’s here where he’s involved in teaching children’s theater.  Congrats!


Bryan is originally from the nation’s capital and now splits his time between Los Angeles and New York. He absolutely loves changing people’s perception of Los Angeles and showing them the amazing things L.A. has to offer. Bryan has studied acting, comedy and writing so when he’s not giving a tour, he’s pursing a career in the entertainment business. Commercials and improv are his bread and butter.  For more on Bryan visit TheBryanRogers.com.

Celebrity Fun Fact: Having dinner with Susan Sarandon, sharing a glass of wine with Courtney Cox or playing volleyball with Cheyenne Jackson. It’d be hard to choose just one but ask about his convo with Kevin Spacey!

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UPDATE:  Bryan and his better half moved to New York and have started their incredibly popular Raven and the Willow photography company.  They work coast-to-coast as well as internationally, so don’t be surprised if you hear Bryan’s voice here at Glitterati Tours every now and then during his travels. 


Lindsay Elston grew up in the small town of Windom, Minnesota (small as in “only had two stoplights in the whole town” small).  Even though she loves L.A. she will always be a small town girl at heart – she can’t wait to chat with you and is excited to help you book your ideal tour experience!

When Lindsay isn’t helping with bookings at Glitterati she is hustling all over the city.  Her passion is entertainment and she is grateful to get to be living in a city where she can work as a professional actress.  You can check out what she is working on next on Lindsay Eltson’s IMDB page, and make sure to follow her Los Angeles shenanigans on Instagram LouInLA – @LindsayElston.

Celebrity Fun Fact – Lindsay worked at a top restaurant in Beverly Hills her first year in Los Angeles and had the opportunity to meet many famous faces, but her favorite experience happened outside of the restaurant world.  She can’t tell you much about it because of privacy and non-disclosure, but let’s just say she got to work with an A-lister at their home with a small crew of three people.  She says he was a gem and the force was definitely with him…

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Jimmy McGill is a Southern California native, having lived in local L.A. locations such as La Verne, Pomona, Pasadena, South Pasadena, West Hollywood and Hollywood. Before managing Glitterati Tours, Jimmy spent time in the entertainment industry doing voice-over gigs, and behind-the-scenes creative work on shows like MADtv, Dinner and a Movie, and Creative Juice. Jimmy is also an accomplished assemblage artist.

Celebrity Fun Fact: Jimmy once played at a 40-person home game poker tournament at a fancy home in Bel Air. Just at his table alone, sitting left to right — Mimi Rogers, Portia de Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Garrett, Ray Romano, Nia Vardalos, Don Cheadle, and Annie Duke. FYI—he lost.

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Frank Andriolo was incredibly influential in the early days of Glitterati Tours.  His knowledge of our city and his level of customer service is a huge attribute to our success.  He continues these amazing qualities as a top-selling real estate agent here in the prestigious offices of Sotheby’s International, Los Feliz.  Glitterati Tours is often hired by potential home buyers looking to purchase.  They want a city tour, but more importantly, they want to get a feel for the many incredible neighborhoods throughout the area:  Los Feliz, Silverlake, Hollywood Hills, Hancock Park, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, etc.  In fact, Frank’s in-depth knowledge of real estate (as a home owner, renovator, and agent) can take you from the desert area of Palm Springs to the ocean-front homes of Malibu.  If this sounds like a Frank advertisement, it kind of is!  We love Frank and his integrity, honesty and passion for what he does, and we’re sure you will as well. Happy house hunting!

Frank Andriolo


Celebrity Fun Fact:  Frank knows them all, and they all know Frank.  However, we love that he was a dancing celebrity on Merv Griffin’s Dance Fever in the early 80’s.  Don’t tell him we told you.

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