Local Favorites on Fairfax Avenue in Hollywood

When guests take tours of Los Angeles, they’re often interested in the streets they’ve heard about, such as Melrose Avenue, Robertson Boulevard or Rodeo Drive.  Quite often they ask about the local hot spots.  Fairfax Avenue is fast becoming one of my personal favorites.  Of course Fairfax is the gateway to The Grove and Farmer’s Market, CBS Studios, Canter’s Deli, The Silent Movie Theater, and countless other businesses.  However, there is a great newer section near 800 N. Fairfax that has something for everyone.  Dog lovers have Tailwaggers, meat lovers have Lindy & Grundy, and coffee lovers have The Coffee Commissary.  Also, for eats and drinks, The Fat Dog is right next door.  Super clean and hip area.  Down the street a bit, you’ve also got Vodvil.  The owners are all game masters, and they’ve put together a fun night out with cocktails, food, trivia, word games and karaoke.