Los Angeles Cinco De Mayo Events 2015

Los Angeles Cinco de Mayo events are just around the corner.  Some starting as early as April 26th.  You can count on every bar in every city around LA having some type of Los Angeles Cinco de Mayo celebration, (Tuesday, May 5th) but here’s a handful of guaranteed fun spots:

Fiesta Broadway

• Mark your calendars… Fiesta Broadway will be on Sunday, April 26th, 2015 (11 AM to 6 PM).
• Over 300,000 attendees.
• Through the streets of Downtown L.A., including the beautiful new Grand Park at City Hall
• The largest “Cinco de Mayo” celebration in the world!
• The largest Hispanic event, in the country’s largest Hispanic market!

Los Angeles Cinco de Mayo

Los Angeles Cinco de Mayo

Olvera Street

Look for celebrations on and around Cinco de Mayo.

From Olivera-Street.com

Olvera Street, known as “the birthplace of Los Angeles,” is a Mexican Marketplace that recreates a romantic “Old Los Angeles” with a block-long narrow, tree-shaded, brick-lined market with old structures, painted stalls, street vendors, cafes, restaurants and gift shops. Olvera Street was created in 1930 “to preserve and present the customs and trades of early California.” Many of the merchants on Olvera Street today are descended from the original vendors.

Marix Tex Mex West Hollywood

Marix Tex Mex West Hollywood

Bars and Restaurants

Again, even Irish pubs will be pouring the tequila on this big party day.  But a handful of restaurants and bars will really let it all hang out.  Check out El Compadre on Sunset Boulevard, known for their flaming Margarita, and El Coyote on Beverly Boulevard.

For the gay or gay friendly visitor looking for a Cinco de Mayo party, one can’t go wrong  along Santa Monica Boulevard and Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood.  There’s hotspots like Marix Tex Mex Cafe, (usually they remove their tables to make room for a standing-room only crowd and the traveling mariachis) Tortilla Republic, and Fiesta Cantina.

Glitterati Tours reminds all to enjoy Los Angeles Cinco de Mayo events and be responsible.  The LAPD and Sheriffs Department will be out in force with drunk driving checkpoints.  Popular transportation options include UBER, Lyft, and taxi’s.  One can even take the subway (yes we got one) down to Union Station and walk across the road to Olvera Street.