Los Angeles is Now the Number 2 Destination for Overseas Travelers in the U.S.

Congratulations to Los Angeles on becoming the number two destination for overseas travelers with over 3.3 million guests last year!  We’re now right behind New York, bumping Miami into the 3rd spot.  Tours of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Hollywood At Glitterati Tours, we’ve booked international visitors from Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Russia, China, Japan, Bahrain, Canada, England, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Spain, Mexico, Switzerland, Syria, Israel, France, and of course, our biggest increase hasbeen with the Australians.  Celebrity Stars Homes Tour Beverly Hills For years, Los Angeles was usually the layover city with most guests never leaving the airport terminal.  Now, visitors are spending more time in the city and dispelling the many myths one usually associates with L.A.—smoggy, dirty, shoot-outs on every corner, fake plastic unfriendly people, no green space, cultureless …In fact, most guests that spend just a day or two, are already planning their future extended stay.  Whether it’s with Glitterati Tours, or another respectable private tour company, I can’t stress enough to get a city tour of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Hollywood.  This should be done on the first or second day to really give the visitor a better perspective and to fill them with options around Los Angeles for entertainment, amusement parks, studios, restaurants, shopping and art.  Have more time?  Make sure to tour Santa Monica, Malibu and Venice Beach.  Thanks to our international guests for spreading the word about Los Angeles!  Here we come New York!