Los Angeles Private Tours in Summer

Los Angeles Private Tours in Summer and Booking the Must-Visits in the City


We are between two of the busiest travel seasons here in Los Angeles.  Spring Break, and the summer months.  We often see a slight slow down during late April and May, as we plan for a massive amount of visitors over June, July and August.  The Spring Break period this year never seemed to end.  Normally, we see everyone at once, but this year it was nicely staggered, with guests coming in from New York and New Jersey, Boston, the southern states, and the West Coast all at different times — along with a huge amount of families from Canada, Australia, Germany, South America, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

los angeles private tours in summer

The Ivy on Robertson

We always stress the importance of booking everything early during busy periods to make sure you get the most out of your visit to Los Angeles.  This would include hotels, concert tickets (especially the outdoor venue of The Hollywood Bowl — see Lindsay’s upcoming post on the Bowl), studio tours, restaurants and museums.  Of course, we highly recommend Los Angeles private tours in summer to help get acquainted with our huge city.  Glitterati Tours can show you the lay of the land.  Not only can we showcase the must-see sightseeing destinations, but we can also advise on our favorite things to do and places to dine.  In fact, view our “LA INFO” tab on the Glitterati Tours website.  It’s loaded with direct links to restaurants, hotels, things to do in our city, and other helpful information to assist in planning your summer vacation.

Los Angeles Private Tours in Summer

The Getty Center in Brentwood

Glitterati Tours is thrilled to work with dozens of hotels throughout Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, West Hollywood, and the beach communities of Malibu and Santa Monica.  We’re also the go-to tour company with hundreds of domestic and international travel agents.  That being said, we book up most days in the summer months.  We love being a small company, for we can monitor our quality and keep up our excellent reputation.

Glitterati Tours of Beverly Hills on TripAdvisor

Glitterati Tours of Beverly Hills on TripAdvisor

Whether you book with us or not, make sure to do your research.  We’re the first ones to let potential visitors know there’s plenty of touring options, and there’s certainly a reason why there are dozens of other companies in our city offering excursions at a fraction of our rates.  Our team has worked hard for nearly a decade for our outstanding level of service.  We’re #1 Tour for Beverly Hills on TripAdvisor, and have plenty of online forums and reviews from guests and travel professionals that have utilized our services.

Happy planning.  We hope you love your visit to our city!