Los Angeles Recreational Marijuana

Los Angeles Recreational Marijuana Now Legal


For years, California has been able to sell medical marijuana for those with a prescription.  As of January 1st, 2018, the state can know sell to anyone 21 and over for recreational use.

MedMen West Hollywood

MedMen West Hollywood

Forget red and blue states, now several states in the United States, are green states.  California has now joined its West Coast neighbors of Oregon, and Washington for legal recreational use.

Of course, local Southern California cities like Los Angeles and West Hollywood are going to be a little bit more relaxed.  For years, areas like the Venice Boardwalk have smelled more like weed than hotdogs and pizza.  It’s still no free-for-all, for there are quite a few regulations for growers and shop owners.

Newsweek Marijuana Map US

Newsweek US Marijuana Map

For the visitor to Los Angeles, it now allows them to walk into a dispensary and get vapes, edibles and dried marijuana.  Since state laws are different than federal laws, rules vary at each and every state border.  This would include how much you can possess on your person, where you can smoke it, how many plants you can grow, and whether you can be arrested for possession.  Best advice—don’t travel with your marijuana.  Most airports have drug-sniffing dogs, and one would hate to be fined, arrested or delayed for their flights.

Los Angeles Recreational Marijuana

Los Angeles Recreational and Medical Marijuana

Glitterati Tours of Beverly Hills prohibits smoking in our vehicles, as well as the consumption of alcohol (we don’t have partitions between our guides and our guests).  However, we know every watering hole in town for guests to jump out and have a quick or leisurely beer or cocktail.  This now applies to marijuana shops as well.  If during your private tour, you wish to stop at a dispensary, just let us know.  You can pick up your goods for future use.  We’re not pros in the field.  In fact, we can’t partake. All of us are subject to random drug testing because we’re transporting precious cargo…you!  Wanna know how indica relates to sativa or hybrid?  There’s places here in West Hollywood like MedMen, where professionals can give you the best advice on what to buy, how much to take, and the difference between their huge selection of marijuana options.  Note:  Because the law just went into affect 4 days ago, the lines are still quite long at many of the dispensaries around town.  Also, have cash on hand.  Most shops don’t accept credit cards.


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We know this post isn’t for everyone, but as always, we like to let visitors know as much as possible about our city and its offerings.  With over 60% of all Americans approving of medical or recreational use marijuana, it’s certainly not anything that’s going away anytime soon.