Marino Ristorante Los Angeles for Great Italian Food and Service

Marino Ristorante Los Angeles is a Must for Lovers of Great Italian Food

Los Angeles, essentially, is a city of spotlights. When you drive up and down streets such as Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard, and Rodeo Drive, you see countless restaurants, patisseries, stores, and shops begging for attention. Celebrities who stop in, often draw crowds and bring the spotlight and excitement. Locals and tourists alike flock to where they hear the next A-list sighting or hot-spot may be… While the hustle and bustle of these places can turn into an exciting night out, it is sometimes the quiet places tucked away that may show you one of your best Los Angeles evenings yet.

Marino Ristorante Los Angeles

Marino Ristorante Los Angeles

Minutes away from the highly trafficked Hollywood Boulevard is where you may find one of the best hidden gems tucked away. Marino Ristorante Los Angeles sits on the corner of Melrose and Wilcox, just a stone’s throw away from the old Hollywood Studios. The Italian eatery looks deceivingly like a familiar friends home; and as soon as you walk in you certainly feel you are doing just that. Marino Ristorante has been a family run business dating back 50+ years; and those who walk in get to join the family for the evening.

Marino Ristorante Los Angeles

Tomato Season at Marino

Mario and Sal are the dynamic duo behind Marino. Mario runs the front of the house while Sal is the master in the kitchen. The two are beyond wonderful at what they do. The moment you walk in, Mario is there without fail to greet you and make sure you are all set. Behind-the-scene’s Sal creates nothing short of a perfect meal (made with many ingredients from his own garden). The food is as good as the company – and with Mario stopping by to chat, the company is nothing short of first class. Famed celebrities from old and new Hollywood have dined here for a reason! While Mario respects privacy and won’t let on who exactly has stepped in, the glint in his eye as he tells stories makes your imagination run wild (and your imagination is probably right).

Marino Italian Restaurant Los Angeles

Delicious Starters

From days of old to days of new, Marino has stood the test of time. Stop in to see Hollywood history in action and become a part of the story!

Marino Ristorante Los Angeles

Pizzas at Marino Los Angeles

-By Lindsay

Jimmy’s Notes:  Been coming to Marino near Paramount Studios for years.  Without fail, Mario, Sal and their incredible team treat every guest like a king and queen.  The night before the epic meal described above, just two of us sat down for a fantastic dinner.  Mario let us know that many of the meals were being prepared with Sal’s incredible recent tomato harvest.  We were so impressed with the freshness and perfection of these tomatoes, that we set up a table for 7 the following night.  We gave Sal and Mario the reins to provide a special evening with over a dozen courses and their respective wine pairings.  This was far more than a dinner…it was an event!  We couldn’t have asked for a better night out, and the Glitterati Tours team was so grateful for such a special evening.  Thanks to all at Marino.