New Beverly Cinema


For every film fan who likes to spend their Los Angeles trip visiting sites from their favorite films, The New Beverly Cinema may be your next stop. This past summer Quentin Tarantino released his film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” and in a comical moment Margo Robbie’s character references a theatre down the street from El Coyote Cafe where there is a premiere for a “dirty movie.” Flash forward to today and the theatre still exists, but it’s no longer playing dirty films, but classics and new artistic films in 35 millimeter.

New Beverly Cinema

New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles

Tucked into a small venue on Beverly Boulevard you will find The New Beverly Cinema. The theatre was built in the 1920’s and brings back the nostalgia of the small town movie night life.  Showing only a few films at a time, it brings the cozy feel back to the saturated and commercialized big cinema venues we see all over our city today. Having been recently brought back to life by investor-turned-owner Quentin Tarantino, it is a must see stop for all movie buffs.

As you can imagine with a famed director in charge, there is never a shortage of good films. Of course there are showings of Tarantino’s films, but there is also a great line-up of Hollywood classics, as well as hit cult films that may surprise you. One of the best hooks of the theatre? Everything is shown on 35mm film. Nothing says old Hollywood like a classic film projector being run by an actual projectionist. Technological advances are great, but there is something to be said about the beauty of a film seen in its classic state. Bonus? Tarantino often does runs with his films (old and new) at the theatre.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Originally a house, The New Beverly Cinema has been everything from a candy factory & beer parlor, to a celebrity nightclub, to a Jewish Community Center! In the late 1970’s Sherman Torgan found the cinema as a bleak adult theatre, returned it to its purpose of a true theatre, and began rebuilding a piece of Hollywood history. With Tarantino jumping on board to help continue the legacy you have one beautiful preserved theatre waiting for you to come visit.

Stop in, grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy some of the best films ever made. To see a listing of their current showings you can check out their website at ​​.

-By Lindsay at Glitterati Tours of Hollywood

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