Britney Spears The Zone LA

Like it or not – Britney Spears is an icon. While she may have had a few rough patches here and there (leave Britney alone!), she has come out with some killer music and iconic videos. The pop princess may have put her Vegas show on hold, but fans have a unique opportunity to experience Britney in a much more close-up and personal way. Just across the street from the popular Los Angeles Original Farmers Market and outdoor shopping complex, The Grove L.A., a Britney pop up has, well, popped up inside of a repurposed department store. The building is huge and features sets rebuilt from iconic Britney videos as well as curated items (donated by Britney herself), for fans enjoy. Have 

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The Break Up Bar Los Angeles

Valentine’s Day is great in theory, but you definitely aren’t alone if you are annoyed with the greeting card holiday. While it may be frustrating if you find yourself unwantedly alone this Valentine’s Day, you can at least be together with other loners at a clever pop up bar on Melrose Avenue. L.A. brings you the Break Up Bar this Valentine’s season. The bar is designed for those singles with a broken heart, or happy to be free from any commitment. A ticket to get in comes with a complimentary sparkling wine flight – but the real highlight of the bar is its clever handcrafted cocktails. With names such as ​A Cold Day In Hell, Ghosted, or I Dealt With 

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Saddlerock Ranch and Malibu Wines

Saddlerock Ranch: The Malibu Wine Hike and Safari             Nestled in the hills of Malibu, just off of the canyon roads that will lead you west to the shoreline, is a beautiful property known as Saddlerock Ranch. The residence is home to a vineyard known as Malibu Wines. Built in the 70’s by Ron Semler, a man who made his family fortune in military communication, the sprawling vineyard and farmland is open to the public for dinners, hikes, and even an exotic animal safaris.             Recently, I had the privilege of visiting the property for a wine-tasting hike, with my girlfriend who had previously worked for the ranch in their animal care program— maintaining and training all of the animals 

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Los Angeles to Catalina Island

Catalina Island             Los Angeles is a city filled with world-renowned landmarks and hidden gems alike. In fact, as a five year resident of this enormous city, I’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to exploring all that it has to offer. While you could easily spend a lifetime experiencing the sights and sounds inside the city limits, there is one destination twenty-two miles off the coast of Southern California that is worth an experience all its own.             Santa Catalina Island, known as “Catalina” colloquially, is a seventy-five square mile island that features a combination of outdoor exploration activities, and resort style accommodations.  To the non-native, Catalina may ring a bell from the 2008 comedy film Stepbrothers, in 

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Looking for a Private Tour Company in Los Angeles?

Looking for a private tour company in Los Angeles? With the holidays over, and most locals back in town and back to work, there’s a few more cars on the streets, but famous landmarks are less-crowded.  January and February tend to be the slower tourism months in Los Angeles, before it all starts up again with Spring Break. This allows visitors a more relaxed environment when sightseeing, dining, and shopping.  We’ll start to see a staggered flow of increased business beginning the first few weeks in March, through the end of April. If you’re coming to Los Angeles for the first time, or never really had the opportunity to explore the area, let Glitterati Tours provide a first-class private sightseeing 

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Due to the uncertainty of CoVID-19, and to protect our guests and employees, Glitterati Tours will temporarily suspend all excursions until further notice.

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