Perfect Sunday Brunch in LA

Obviously there is no shortage of brunch spots in the heart of Los Angeles. Whether you are walking up and down the Sunset Strip, exploring Melrose Avenue, or living it up in Beverly Hills, you will find amazing food on almost every corner.

If you find yourself looking for a relaxing brunch with a more local feel, you may want to venture a little bit off the beaten path east of Hollywood and into Silverlake and find yourself at the Lamill Coffee Boutique. Sitting just a short walk away from the Silverlake Reservoir, it is a beautiful venue with a casual ambiance and fantastic food. Whether you are looking for brunch with a mimosa, or a bold coffee brew, they won’t disappoint. The most popular item is their eggs Benedict, but they also have an amazing assortment of pastries, breakfast bowls, or whatever else your heart is feeling for your brunch. Being located in Silverlake – a hipster haven – there are plenty of gluten-free and vegan options. They take their coffee seriously, so whether you are grabbing a latte, espresso, or pour over, you will get a perfect brew. Coffee snobs will be pleasantly happy that a brunch place has even better coffee.

Perfect Sunday Brunch in LA

Lamill Coffee Boutique

Not looking for breakfast? The cafe turns into the perfect afternoon delight at 2 p.m. when their happy hour starts. Lunch and drinks anyone? End your trip by walking up the street to the Silverlake Reservoir. Walk around the park and stop to smell the roses. The area has a dog park, areas for picnics, and games as well. Take a leisurely stroll around the reservoir, bring a football to throw around, or shoot on the basketball courts. Frisbee anyone? It’s nice to find open spaces within the city. It truly makes for the perfect, relaxed Sunday afternoon.

-By Lindsay

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