Recent Celebrity Sightings While Touring Los Angeles

Following are some of the recent celebrity sightings Glitterati Tours guests have experienced while taking sightseeing tours of L.A. As always, we omit certain information to protect privacy.  We avoid being too specific, unless an individual has been featured prominently in the news, which is the case for Petra purchasing Candy Spelling’s mansion for $85 million, or dozens of Lady Gaga fans waiting patiently for her to appear outside her hotel.

Private sightseeing tours of Hollywood and celebrity homes

– Kevin Costner driving down Santa Monica Boulevard just past Rodeo Drive.

– The gates open in front of Petra Ecclestone’s new home, Aaron Spelling’s former mansion, as she chats with a contractor.

– Jake Gyllenhaal walking at a very popular Los Angeles hiking trail above Hollywood.

-Lady Gaga leaving with her entourage from The Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard on her way down to perform at Jimmy Kimmel Live on Hollywood Boulevard.

-Kim Kardashian leaving her home three days before her wedding to Kris Humphries.  She was driving a massive white Rolls Royce, followed by a dozen paparazzi.

-Chris Brown and his friends departing his newer condo in West Hollywood.

-A very animated Hugh Jackman entertaining a small group just outside the lobby of one of the 5-star hotels in Beverly Hills.