Reviews for Glitterati Private Tours of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills

Thanks to our guests, as well as the concierges and travel agents, that have flooded our email inbox, travel sites, and social media with rave reviews.  It gives my guides and I great pleasure in providing private sightseeing tours of Los Angeles and acting as ambassadors for our amazing city!  Following is a small sample of reviews:

private sightseeing tours of Los Angeles

I’m a Hollywood history nerd – consequently, I want to see the real thing.  Real homes, real studios, real sites, and real information.   As I explored other tours – I was constantly being diverted from what I wanted in a tour to what they wanted to show me.  With Glitterati – I was listened to and then got what I wanted in a tour and more.  Jimmy and his private tour took my interests and then went deeper and further than I could imagine.  I wasn’t talked at; but had a continually evolving conversation covering my interests done by a Los Angeles native.  From the obscure “hardly anyone knows” to the “must see” obvious, he completely satisfied my urge to not be intimidated by the vastness of LA and to seek out, with enthusiasm, what my real interests were.  My Film Historian and my “Gee Whiz I’m in Hollywood” Ultimate Tourist self were completely satisfied.  This was my trip of a lifetime and Glitterati helped to make it so! —Patti D., Seattle, Washington

We heard of Glitterati Tours by my brother and his family that visited 2 months prior. (we Aussies love referrals). After he said it was the best tour company in Los Angeles, we took his advice, and were more than pleased with this wonderful team of professionals———-passionate, friendly—it felt like we were traveling with family. :-} A+ —Vanny J., Perth, Australia

I recently took a solo trip to LA not knowing much about the city. The concierge at the hotel recommended taking a Glitterati tour. It was AWESOME! My tour guide knew everything about the city. He had an answer for every one of my questions. I got to see all the stuff I’ve always wondered about LA and some stuff I never knew about (Marilyn Monroe’s grave was so cool). I’m so glad I passed on the big bus tour and did something personalized. My seat was air conditioned too, gotta love that! I would definitely recommend these guys if you’re coming to LA. I’m actually coming back in 6 months with my mom and plan on doing a tour with them again. Loved it that much!—Benjamin K., Stafford, Virginia

My 2 sister’s and I were on a “sister’s trip” celebrating our baby sister’s 40th birthday and went to LA to visit friends. Our middle sister was dying to see “where the stars live” so my youngest sister and I begrudgingly agreed to go on a tour. After researching the different tour companies and emailing back and forth with Jimmy, I booked the tour with Glitterati. It was SO MUCH FUN and really one of the highlights of our trip.
Frank was our amazing guide who tolerated our 1000 questions and kept us laughing the entire time. He has lived there for 26 years and knows LA in detail–old history, new scoop and everything in between.
One of the main things that made us want to go with them was the fact that they do NOT use a tour bus if your party is small enough. Frank picked us up at our hotel in a new Denali with tinted windows–we were such rock stars! Also, they will design the tour to what YOU want to see which was great for us since we were more interested in real estate and not the typical tourist spots of LA.
Honestly, I have never written a review for anything but these guys were amazing. They are so fun and, like I said, worth every minute and worth every penny. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!—Laurie P., Nashville, TN

Again, thanks a million to all that took the time to write up these kind words.  For more information on our private sightseeing tours of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, please visit our website.