Runyon Canyon, Hiking Trails and Outdoor Beach Activities

Domestic, as well as International guests usually comment on the great shape of Angelenos.  We really have no excuse to be anything but healthy.  Our year round good weather and countless outdoor activities keep us quite active.  Santa Monica is truly built for the health enthusiast.  Visit Adelaide Drive on the weekends and you basically step into an outdoor gym.  Travel along the bike paths of San Vicente and head down to Palisades Park for outdoor yoga and power walks.   A little further south and you’ve got the rings and bars for upper body conditioning.  Right in the heart the heart of the city, we have countless hiking trails, including dozens in Griffith Park alone.  Most Hollywood locals will head up to Runyon Canyon.  Hollywood hiking trails Griffith Park Glitterati Tours It’s a 160 acre park with trails for the beginner as well as the hardcore athletes.   You can start on the south side in Hollywood and head north to the top of the hills for incredible views of the city and ocean.  Or, start on the north side, entering from Mulholland Drive and head down the hill.  Either way, stay hydrated and keep you eyes up for a celebrity sighting, or down in the summer for rattlesnakes.  You must be a dog lover, for they rule the hills in this off-leash oasis.  However, if visiting with a small dog, it’s recommended that you keep them on a short leash.  Coyotes have been known to come out in the morning and late afternoon.