Real Housewives and Special Request Tours of Hollywood, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

Quite often, we get special requests for theme specific tours that put an emphasis on a personality or television show.   We can do these in addition to our “Whirlwind L.A. Tour” or our “Essential L.A. Tour.”  There’s no additional time needed, for it’s all well-within our normal tour route through Hollywood, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.  Here’s a small sample of the most requested tours:

The “I Love Lucy” Tour – We’ll take you by the studio where the television show was first filmed, then on to one of the original Desilu studios where the remainder of the show was produced.  Also included:  Lucy & Desi’s longtime home in Beverly Hills, as well as the private chocolatier that inspired the famous episode with Lucy & Ethel, and Lucy’s star on the Walk of Fame dedicated to her film work.

The Marilyn Monroe Tour —  See the many locations where Hollywood’s biggest legend lived, filmed, dined, and died.  From Marilyn Monroe’s first days in Hollywood, to her Joe Dimaggio days, and ultimately, to her final resting place just outside of Beverly Hills.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Tour – Admit it.  It’s your guilty pleasure.  Who cares if your husband rolls his eyes, for he too, secretly wants to know the inside scoop on one of America’s favorite prime time reality soap operas.

The Pretty Woman Tour — From the upscale, to the downscale side of Hollywood, Glitterati Tours will show you a handful of film locations from Pretty Woman that made this a modern fairy-tale classic.

If we know it, we show it!  Glitterati Tours of Beverly Hills and Hollywood.