Celebrity Homes Tours and Sightings in Beverly Hills

CELEBRITY HOMES TOURS AND SIGHTINGS IN BEVERLY HILLS AND HOLLYWOOD _______________________________________ When traveling to different cities and countries, everyone has their own personal bucket list to check off.  In Italy, it may be the canals of Venice, that leaning tower in Pisa, the statue of David, the Coliseum, or dining on great pizza and wine…among 1000’s of other amazing experiences and venues throughout the country. We’re in Los Angeles, and so much of what we do focuses around the celebrity history that helped build our city. It could be the legendary studios where they worked, the homes where they lived, the places they frequent for partying and dining, the locations they died, and ultimately—the places where they are laid to rest. 

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Celebrity Sightings in Hollywood and Beverly Hills

It’s Los Angeles after all, so we get asked all the time where are the best celebrity sighting locations in Hollywood and Beverly Hills?!  Our solid answer is EVERYWHERE. Just about everyday during our celebrity homes tours of Beverly Hills and Bel Air, our guides are able to point out celebrities driving, walking the dog, and collecting their mail…just like everyone else.  As always, we never publish these sightings for anyone at or near their homes. However, we’re happy to discuss any celebrity that’s in a public place (other than a hotel we work with which thrives on privacy), that can include restaurants, bars, nightclubs, movie theaters, house parties, dry cleaners, etc. Is it an invasion of privacy?   Good 

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Walk of Fame Celebrity Sightings

Walk of Fame celebrity sightings are a guarantee to see the biggest names in film, television, radio, theater and music, as stars and behind-the-scenes legends are honored with a star on Hollywood Blvd and a small section of Vine. Glitterati Tours conducts our celebrity homes tours on a daily basis.  More times than not, guests get a celebrity sighting as we make our way through the multi-million dollar homes in Bel Air, Holmby Hills, Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Hills.  Three of these communities make up the coveted “Platinum Triangle” of Los Angeles. In just three days, look for the star-studded ceremony for actor John Goodman.  John will be the 2603rd star on the Walk of Fame.  His ceremony will 

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Private Sightseeing Tours in L.A. for November, December

With Halloween in our rear-view mirror, it’s time to concentrate on private sightseeing tours in L.A. for November and December.  We can normally expect things to slow down a bit after summer for September and October, but private tour requests have been pretty consistent.  This goes for November as well, with dozens of advanced bookings already on our Glitterati Tours calendar. Booking private sightseeing tours in L.A. in advance is always recommend.  Just like one would book their restaurants, hotels, VIP studio tours, and museums. November bookings can be somewhat hit and miss with some days fully booked and some days wide-open.  That changes completely come the final two weeks of December and into January.  It’s obviously a very busy 

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Hollywood Hills and Celebrity Homes Tours

We Angelenos sometimes take our hills and mountains for granted.  It’s when visitors taking a tour of Los Angeles comment on their beauty that we’re reminded that we live in a truly unique city.  Los Angeles is basically cut in half by The Santa Monica Mountain Range.  It stretches from the coast along Malibu, and winds down through exclusive communities like Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills and into Hollywood. It’s this spectacular range that includes the famous Hollywood Hills.  It’s prime real estate that affords its residents outstanding views of the city.  Neighborhoods and canyons that make up this area include, Laurel Canyon, Beachwood, Hollywoodland, Outpost and Whitley Heights.  (If one takes a hike in Runyon 

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Private Tour Company in Los Angeles Booking Now for March

While tourism is on an upswing overall in Los Angeles, it can still be feast or famine during certain times of the year for hotels, a private tour company, amusement parks and museums.  Typically February can be a bit quieter, for it’s award season, and most of the people in town are industry related preparing for their big night(s).  We can also see a bit of a lull in June before the summer crush of tourists, and in November before the holidays. We are coming up on a very busy season.  With daylight savings in early March and a staggered spring break, L.A. should be full of visitors throughout March and April.   In addition, we’ll see many folks from 

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Due to the uncertainty of CoVID-19, and to protect our guests and employees, Glitterati Tours will temporarily suspend all excursions until further notice.

Please check back for any future updates. Thank you, and STAY HEALTHY WORLD!