Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles

Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles As we wrap up the summer season at The Hollywood Bowl, the L.A. Philharmonic flies south (about 17 minutes) to their winter home at The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles. This is an amazing venue, and certainly one of the most photographed structures for visitors coming to L.A. This Frank Ghery designed building must be seen in person and on foot. We recommend walking around the entire building to fully understand the dimensions and architecture. Opened about this same time back in 2003, it’s become an incredibly iconic building, not only in DTLA (Downtown L.A.) but all of Southern California. The LA Phil, with Gustavo Dudamel as their Music 

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When in Downtown L.A., visit Clifton’s Cafeteria

When our 1935 landmark in Downtown L.A., Clifton’s Cafeteria, closed down a few years back, many local fans feared that the charm would be swept away with renovations.  Just the opposite.  This unique venue is back, and better than ever. Even though the cafeteria dining options have changed, the great nostalgia has been preserved.  This venue would make for a great outing for the family.  Kids will enjoy the taxidermy animals throughout the complex, as well as the waterfall and giant forest trees in the main dining room.  Adults will enjoy The Monarch, The Brookdale, Gothic Bar, and the Pacific Seas. From the Clifton’s L.A. website: Clifton’s, the world’s largest public cafeteria and California’s lone survivor from the Golden Age 

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