Bluestone Lane Coffee in Los Angeles

Brunch isn’t brunch in Los Angeles unless you have some Avocado toast (or, as the Aussie’s say, “avo toast”). This popular brunch item, or snack on the go has had some creative variations in this city, but no one is nailing it quite as well as they do at Bluestone Lane. Bluestone Lane Coffee in Los Angeles is an Aussie owned coffee chain that has grown exponentially in the last year. With locations in the Valley, Weho, Mid City, and even on the West Side, there is always a shop nearby with great coffee, and great food. Their menu is filled with variations on what I find to be their specialty – toast!  From your classic peanut butter and jelly, 

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Perfect Sunday Brunch in LA

Obviously there is no shortage of brunch spots in the heart of Los Angeles. Whether you are walking up and down the Sunset Strip, exploring Melrose Avenue, or living it up in Beverly Hills, you will find amazing food on almost every corner. If you find yourself looking for a relaxing brunch with a more local feel, you may want to venture a little bit off the beaten path east of Hollywood and into Silverlake and find yourself at the Lamill Coffee Boutique. Sitting just a short walk away from the Silverlake Reservoir, it is a beautiful venue with a casual ambiance and fantastic food. Whether you are looking for brunch with a mimosa, or a bold coffee brew, they 

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Crumbs and Whiskers L.A.

It doesn’t happen often, but Los Angeles has gone through a bit of a chilly period. With a few nights a week dipping below 45 degrees, some of us Angelinos are beginning to feel like winter does really exist! We’re not complaining though – we get to layer up and have extra excuses for cuddles and coffee. Wait, cuddles and coffee? Exactly that, and luckily our city offers a unique way to have both at the same time with some lovable furry friends. Crumbs and Whiskers is an adorable coffee shop on Melrose tucked right in between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. We say adorable for a reason – not only is it a fun, quaint stop, but the regulars 

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Melrose Umbrella Company, Los Angeles

Los Angeles is full of specialty cocktail bars with some of the most creative themes. You can find everything from a 1970’s basement feel to an arcade touting the most well-loved games of years’ past and booze. Each offers their own twist and adventure for the night. While each bar having their own gimmick is fun – it is always nice to stumble across an eclectic spot that you want to return to again and again. Melrose Umbrella Company is definitely one of these bars you will find yourself wanting to become a regular. Their theme is directly related to their creative logo. A simple umbrella with raindrops falling. This was the symbol of the post prohibition area to signify 

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Coffee Coffee West Hollywood

Coffee Coffee West Hollywood ________________ Calling all coffee connoisseurs, coffee snobs, and hipsters looking for the best place for a perfect espresso in Los Angeles. When you are particular about your coffee it can be hard to find a good cup when you’re traveling. Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf can only hold you over for so long until you need a cup of coffee that reminds you of your favorite small shop back home. While the L.A. scene has some decent coffee all around – you will find some of the best brews in a small and unassuming shop on Fairfax and Santa Monica Blvd., just blocks away from the hub of street fashion and the Melrose and 

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