Sweets and Desserts in Los Angeles

Whether you worked on having a summer beach body or not (I didn’t), we’re heading into the most wonderful time of year – the seasons of indulgence when we can enjoy our hibernation weight.  It could be all the goodies centered around Halloween, the huge Thanksgiving meal and left-overs, and the holidays and endless parties in December/January. Here’s a handful of our favorite sweets and desserts in Los Angeles for both locals and visitors: For chocolates look into John Kelly Chocolates on Sierra Bonita in Hollywood. They’ve got their small factory right on site.  They have selections for both dark and milk chocolate lovers.  Some of our favorites include the dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel, and the orange chocolate.  

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Healthy Hollywood Summer Treats

We live in the age of dietary restrictions. Whether you are battling an intolerance, trying to fix your “leaky gut,” or just trying to step up your health game, it can be hard to find a dessert that is cool, sweet, and good for the entire family. Luckily for Angelenos, our city is filled with innovative foodies that are finding ways to make cool treats and healthy eats that actually taste good! This past week I had a few friends in town who have some pretty crazy dietary restrictions. Between my Celiac, her lactose intolerance / FODMAP, and his SIBO diet, it was hard to find something we could all enjoy together. Cut to an unexpected find as we were 

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