Vintage Vibe Festival Los Angeles

While Los Angeles is a city full of trends, there are certain things that never go out of style – and ironically right now, trendy meets the past with the current wave of vintage obsessions. Whether in media with shows like “Stranger Things,” music, or clothing, people love their vintage and love bragging about the diamonds in the rough they found digging through a second-hand store. The love of vintage doesn’t stop with film and clothes though.  Vintage games, and even drink recipes are popping up all over Los Angeles (and let’s be real, the world). L.A. finally found a way to bring all of this vintage love together by putting together something else the city loves: a festival! This 

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Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice 2018

We didn’t think it was possible – but it’s happening.  America’s coolest street is about to get even cooler. Once a year, the popular Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice 2018 puts on a party that every hipster, Beverly Hills housewife, actor, rambunctious kiddo, or visiting friend doesn’t want to miss. With activities, entertainment and vendors, there is something for everyone at this annual block party. It’s definitely worth a visit – so if you are thinking about heading out to Southern California at the end of September, mark your calendars for the 30th for this free extravaganza. This year (like all others) will not disappoint. To start, let’s talk about what everyone thinks of first — food! The festival draws 

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