4th of July Things To Do in L.A.

Summer is officially in full swing after the solstice last week which means 4th of July celebrations are in order. Throughout Los Angeles there will be celebrations and fireworks all over the city. If you are visiting from out of town, here’s a few 4th of July things to do in L.A. You may want to stop by and check them out to help bring in America’s favorite summer holiday and the good ol’ Red, White, and Blue.Fireworks at the Hollywood Bowl ​- This year the Hollywood Bowl is back at it with another Fireworks Spectacular show. The Go-Go’s will be taking over the stage to accompany the light show. Not just on the 4th, but the 2nd and 3rd 

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Hollywood Bowl 2016 Calendar

The Hollywood Bowl 2016 calendar promises to have something for everyone.  Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the Bowl is a must-visit venue.  It really doesn’t matter who’s performing…it’s more about enjoying a warm summer Southern California night with 18,000 other music lovers.  It’s one of the few venues that allows guests on most nights to bring in their picnic baskets, wine and beverages.  There’s even off-site areas with tables to set up your feast. As always, take one of the many shuttles to the Hollywood Bowl, or walk if possible.  There is stacked parking, and it’s not recommended to get stuck in this jam of vehicles, especially after the show.  There are local businesses that open up their 

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Things to do for a Los Angeles 4th of July

Timeout Los Angeles has compiled a fantastic list of things to do for a Los Angeles 4th of July —- from firework displays, to pie eating contests, they’ve got you covered.  Here’s some highlights from their article: When it comes to summer in Los Angeles, 4th of July is absolutely one of the season’s highlights. For one, this really is the land of the free (things to do—there’s a ton of them!). Second, we can’t think of a better place to admire our shining sea than from the city’s best beaches. Third, LA is the city where dreams come true—just think about how many actors and musicians got their big break on the Sunset Strip. Keep reading our guide to 

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