Glitterati Tours of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills for Fall

As summer winds down, the numbers from the board of tourism for Los Angeles haven’t quite been tallied.  By our estimates, it had to have been a record number of guests visiting our amazing city.  Glitterati Tours of Los Angeles had a spectacular summer starting in June, and continuing through this upcoming first week of September.  With most days completely booked, we unfortunately had to turn many last minute requests down.  We remind guests that we book tours from so many directions, including local concierges, referrals from previous visitors, repeat guests, and international travel agents. This summer we documented guests from every state in our nation.  As always, the Australian market is enormous for tours of Los Angeles, with Canada 

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Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

One of the most popular tourist destinations here in Los Angeles is the Griffith Observatory, located high up in the hills above Hollywood.  Since opening in 1935, over 76 million visitors have enjoyed this L.A. treasure. Here’s just a few things to do at this amazing venue.  For more information, and updated calendar, visit the Griffith Observatory website: The Exhibits at Griffith Observatory Sparking imagination and inquiry through exposure to the awe and wonder inherent in astronomy is the goal of the new Griffith Observatory exhibit program. Each visitor is cast in the role of an observer and provided with opportunities to see and do real observing in authentic environments. By exploring fundamental questions – what do we observe, how 

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