Discover Los Angeles and dineL.A. 2019

It happens twice a year, and now is one of the times for foodies to unite.  It’s Discover Los Angeles and dineL.A. 2019!  This first experience takes place January 11-25.  It’s your chance to experience special menus from over 400 restaurants in and around Los Angeles. For lunch, look for 2+ courses for $15, $20, $25, and $35. For dinner, 3+ courses will be $29, $39, $49, $59, and $99 which would be part of the dineL.A. Exclusive Series. It is the perfect opportunity to revisit one of your old faves, or try something completely new.  Remember, Los Angeles is incredibly diverse, so look for awesome options in Chinese, Mexican, Peruvian, traditional American, Thai, Japanese, Russian, Brazilian, and Armenian. Check 

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The Grill on The Alley Restaurant in Beverly Hills

One of our most important jobs in conducting luxury private tours of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, is keeping up to date on the hottest, hippest restaurants and bars (as much as our paychecks will allow).  Sometimes, we focus on the up-and-coming spots, because that’s what many of our guests have heard about.  The problem with this approach is that we can miss a gem of a restaurant that’s been in our own backyard for decades. The Grill on The Alley Restaurant in Beverly Hills is one of them.  For years, we’ve told our many VIP’s about this spot which is just steps from Rodeo Drive, without ever trying it firsthand.  That all changed the other night, and we may 

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