Kid Friendly Los Angeles Things to Do

It’s summer and that means more family vacations, and a need to keep the kids happy and engaged.  Kid friendly Los Angeles things to do are too numerous to mention here.  But we’ll do our best to throw out a handful of great ideas: Kids typically don’t like shopping, but with a spot like The Grove and The Original Farmers Market, you can disguise your shopping with great visuals and entertainment.  Just walking through the Farmers Market alone will have your child’s full attention, for there are candy shops, fudge makers, ice cream shops, and donuts.  Of course, you’ll have to eat first, so there’s over 100 different kiosks offering up everything you can imagine.  At The Grove, look for 

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Where Should I Stay When Visiting Los Angeles?

If you’ve never been to our city, remember that it’s a huge spread out area covering over 500 square miles.  There are 4 million people in the City of Los Angeles, and just over 10 million in the county.  Los Angeles County includes places like Long Beach to the south, Malibu to the west, Lancaster to the north, and Pomona to the east. Picking a place to stay is going to be your biggest decision when coming to L.A.  You want to chart out your things to do list in Los Angeles when choosing your lodging.  Do you want to be at the beach during your stay?  Are you attending conventions or business meetings in Downtown L.A.? Or are you 

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Christmas at The Grove Los Angeles

Christmas in Los Angeles has its perks. You can feel your nose, toes, and fingers. You don’t have to worry about blizzards and snow ruining any holiday plans, and there is no running out to your car to start it 15 minutes before you leave anywhere. Really the only downside is we don’t have a natural refrigerator to help keep all the drinks cool when your fridge runs out of space from all of the holiday goodies! That being said, sometimes it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas without a light dusting of snow and a slight crispness to the air. Luckily for us we have zero humidity this time of year and the evening can give you that slight chill 

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