Four Sigmatic Shroom Room in Venice

They may have been a bit behind the scenes since the 1960’s, but ‘shrooms are making a comeback in a big way in Los Angeles and all over the United States. Don’t worry – this comeback isn’t playing in the realm of hallucinogens, but in the proper Los Angeles health-nut way. Hipsters and basics all over are jumping on a new mushroom craze with a Los Angeles based company, Four Sigmatic Shroom Room in Venice; and it is taking the health market by storm. Skeptical about healthy mushrooms and want to learn more? The company has put up a tiny pop-up store in the most perfect of places to help you discuss and learn more. The location for their “Shroom 

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Healthy Hollywood Summer Treats

We live in the age of dietary restrictions. Whether you are battling an intolerance, trying to fix your “leaky gut,” or just trying to step up your health game, it can be hard to find a dessert that is cool, sweet, and good for the entire family. Luckily for Angelenos, our city is filled with innovative foodies that are finding ways to make cool treats and healthy eats that actually taste good! This past week I had a few friends in town who have some pretty crazy dietary restrictions. Between my Celiac, her lactose intolerance / FODMAP, and his SIBO diet, it was hard to find something we could all enjoy together. Cut to an unexpected find as we were 

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