L.A. Italian Restaurants

Los Angeles has become a major foodie city.  Authentic cuisine can be found in every corner of our sprawling city.  Japanese in Little Tokyo, Ethiopian in Little Ethiopia, Chinese in Chinatown, Thai in Thai Town, Persian along Westwood Boulevard in West L.A., and Armenian in areas around Glendale and Little Armenia.  L.A. Italian restaurants are more spread out since we don’t have a Little Italy.  Look no further than Beverly Hills, Hollywood and West Hollywood for incredible Italian food.  Here’s a short list which includes some of our favorite L.A. Italian restaurants: Madeo  Traditional Italian cuisine in a white-tablecloth dining room known for its high-profile celebrity customers. Address: 8897 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048 Phone:(310) 859-4903 Il Pastaio Upscale 

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