101 Best L.A. Restaurants from Jonathan Gold at LA Times

We Angelenos love this time of year.  Not just because the weather changes, but between holiday meals, we indulge at the best L.A. restaurants to escape leftovers.  L.A. Times food critic Jonathan Gold has one again compiled an eclectic list of the best L.A. Restaurants.  Nice to see some of our local favorites like Mozzaplex, Connie and Ted’s, AOC, Jar, Jitlada, Spago, Jon & Vinny’s, Animal, Plan Check, and of course, Musso & Frank Grill, made the cut. From LA Times 101 Best Restaurants: Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best L.A. Restaurants Your next great meal in Southern California is as likely to come from that tiny storefront next to the 7-Eleven as it is from a Beverly Hills gastronomic palace. Los Angeles, 

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