A Top Spot Rating for Glitterati Tours Los Angeles

We were recently informed that a top spot rating for Glitterati Tours Los Angeles was mentioned in an article by travel writer, Emily Manthei with U.S. News.  We can’t thank Emily enough for researching the best tours that L.A. has to offer, and that we were included in her article.  We’re also grateful to the dozens of concierges (special shout-out to Ali and Sarah), travel agents, editors and professionals that helped propel us into 7 Tours Unique to Los Angeles. We’re right up there with the fantastic studio tour provided by Warner Bros.!  Here’s an excerpt from Emily’s piece: Glitterati Tours. Glitterati’s private tours offer eight mix-and-match itineraries that cater to each group’s needs. Create your own itinerary by matching 

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Rates for Sightseeing Tours of Beverly Hills and L.A.

**The following will now be implemented after the 1st of December, as opposed to November 25th: For the first time in our many years of conducting tours of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, Glitterati Tours will be making a slight rate increase effective November 25th, 2015.  The increase will be approximately $10 per hour.  The cost of doing business in Los Angeles, and California in general, doesn’t come cheap.  We Angelenos with small — and large businesses — tend to pay more for fuel, advertising, permits, insurances, regulations, and taxes.   Any guest that has made an inquiry or booking via email or phone prior to November 25th, will be guaranteed our current lower rate.  Coming up in December, Glitterati 

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