Santa Monica Pier Carousel

For anyone that finds themselves interested in our Golden Age of Hollywood tour – we have a recommendation for a great way to cap off a trip in the truest old-fashioned way possible. After learning all about the golden era of Hollywood and Beverly Hills with our city tour, you can make your way down to the Santa Monica Pier for a classic afternoon filled with soda fountains, ice cream sundaes, and a carousel ride. Just at the start of the Santa Monica Pier, literally to your left as you step onto the boardwalk, is a building known as the Hippodrome, harboring one of the most well-kept attractions from the early days of Santa Monica. Inside this unassuming building you 

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Things to Do in Los Angeles During Summer

Looking for things to do in Los Angeles during summer?  The list is endless, but we also have a few pointers to make sure you get the most out of our city during your stay.  Of course, it’s the busiest time of year and you could be competing with countless other visitors looking for the same activities during July and August. If you’re planning a weekend beach day at any of the local L.A. county beaches such as Malibu, Santa Monica or Venice, it’s best to pick a spot or two and just make it your base.  Traffic going up the coast along Pacific Coast Highway, and certainly anything near the pier, could be incredibly busy.  If possible, make your 

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L.A. Marathon 2018

If running the L.A. Marathon tomorrow, go easy on the corned beef, cabbage and green beer today for St. Patrick’s Day.  Otherwise, you’ll have an uphill battle.  Probably even better though, for you’ll be able to run at a slower pace and take in all the incredible sightseeing that this amazing race provides. Think of our Stadium to the Sea marathon as offering up most of the L.A. must-see sights along its 26-mile course.  With a start at Dodger Stadium, runners head south into Downtown Los Angeles.  Here, they’ll see landmarks like ChinaTown, The Walt Disney Concert Hall and The Music Center. By mile 6, they’ll take in the lake around Echo Park, before hitting Sunset Blvd, and into the 

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L.A. Forecast Through Valentines Day and Los Angeles Marathon

Where is El Nino?!  Certainly not in Southern California.  The L.A. forecast for the next 10 days shows zero precipitation.  In fact, everyday will top out into the high 70’s or low 80’s.  This takes us through this Sunday’s big Super Bowl game, and of course, Valentines Day and our Los Angeles Marathon on February 14th, 2016. With no rain, it’s the perfect time to take a Glitterati Tours tour of Los Angeles and watch the sun light up our palm trees.  With no cloud cover, look for picture-perfect views of our Hollywood Sign, and perhaps even a view of the Pacific Ocean from the peaks above Beverly Hills and L.A. The runners participating in the Los Angeles Marathon, will 

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Due to the uncertainty of CoVID-19, and to protect our guests and employees, Glitterati Tours will temporarily suspend all excursions until further notice.

Please check back for any future updates. Thank you, and STAY HEALTHY WORLD!