SkySlide in Downtown Los Angeles

SkySlide in Downtown Los Angeles on Top of The US Bank Tower ____________________ Attention all thrill seekers! For those of you who love views from a tall building and exploring cityscapes, we have the perfect afternoon activity for you and your family. One of the tallest buildings in the Downtown Los Angeles area has much more to offer than just an elevator ride up to see out over the city. OUE SkySpace is located in the US Bank Tower Building in Downtown Los Angeles. Tucked among the city’s skyscrapers, it is California’s tallest open-air observation deck. Don’t worry. The venue touts so much more than just a ride to the top to walk around for a few moments. The space 

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Wilshire Grand, The Tallest Building in Los Angeles

Recently, the Wilshire Grand Center became the tallest building in Los Angeles at 1099 feet.  Since 1989, the tallest has been the U.S. Bank Tower (which, by the way, just opened up their SkySlide attraction on the 70th Floor this summer). L.A. now has the tallest building west of the Mississippi. Once open, the Wilshire Grand Center will host an observation deck, office space, a 900 room hotel, restaurants, a 73rd floor rooftop pool, and retail shopping malls.  Gone but not forgotten, the old Wilshire Grand Hotel from 1952 was demolished to make way for our new giant.  This old hotel played host to dignitaries like Pope John Paul II and John F. Kennedy. During our private guided downtown L.A. 

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