The InterContinental Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles

The InterContinental Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles is located at The Wilshire Grand Center.  At 1,100 feet, it’s the tallest building not only in Los Angeles and California, but the tallest west of the Mississippi River.  For years, the nearby U.S. Bank Tower had the distinction of the tallest building in L.A. at about 1,018 feet. You have to go up 70 floors just to hit the main lobby of The Intercontinental.  It’s here where you’ll find the friendly front desk and concierge staff, as well as an inviting bar, which is buzzing with guests, as well as locals unwinding during/after work. One floor down on the 69th, dine and drink at incredible spots like Dekkadance and Sora.  Of course 

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Dine and Party at Clifton’s DTLA

Dine and Party at Clifton’s DTLA Along Broadway _____________________ The real draw to our city is Old Hollywood and tales of the Golden Age. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of the classics you have to admit that those stories from years ago are what started all of the hype for our city today. One of the best places to truly experience the feel of the Los Angeles yesteryear is none other than the historic Clifton’s Cafeteria in Downtown Los Angeles. Recently restored to its original splendor, Clifton’s is now the last cafeteria left in the city from the golden era age of cafeteria style dining. Don’t let the word “cafeteria” confuse you with school lunches and stark rooms 

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