Hollywood Sports Bars for Super Bowl 2019

Crazy to think that Los Angeles went 2 decades without an NFL team, and we just had two teams– with the Chargers, and the Rams– making the divisional playoffs.  Next Sunday, January 20th, will tell us if our one remaining team that has made it to the next playoff game (The Rams) will be in The Super Bowl with the Patriots, Saints or Chiefs. If you’re not in Atlanta for The Super Bowl, and find yourself in Los Angeles, don’t worry…there’s plenty of local hotspots to watch the game and celebrate with Angelenos.  Especially if our home team makes it into the big game. Of course, every barber shop, hotel bar, restaurant, shopping venue, etc., will be playing the game 

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Where to Watch the Super Bowl in Los Angeles

Wanna know where to watch the Super Bowl in Los Angeles?  Everywhere!  EVERY single bar, restaurant, hotel lounge, barber shop, and bowling alley will be showing the game on at least one screen.  For our international guests, watching the Super Bowl with American fans is a chance of a lifetime.  Load up on pizza, wings, burgers, potato chips, guacamole, potato skins, sliders, dips, and tons of beer.  Don’t have a favorite team?  Pick one:  The New England Patriots vs. The Atlanta Falcons.  The game starts at 330PM PST on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5th, 2017.  If you’re not into the game, just watch the commercials and the halftime show with Lady GaGa. Here’s a few local favorites: The Sunset Strip 

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Super Bowl Sunday in Los Angeles

For many international guests, Super Bowl Sunday is as foreign as a championship cricket game is to Americans.  Super Bowl Sunday really is a national holiday.  We eat and drink so much on this day, that it can easily compare to our Thanksgiving…only not as healthy.  We indulge on beer, pizza, chicken wings, potato chips and shots of booze. We high-five, gamble, scream, tailgate, and barbecue, as two teams take to the field. This year, the Carolina Panthers will take on the Denver Broncos in Santa Clara, California at the Levi’s Stadium.  British group, Coldplay, will headline the half-time show, with expected appearances with Beyonce and Bruno Mars.  The anticipated commercials will be dominated by Budweiser and Doritos. If this 

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