Dine and Party at Clifton’s DTLA

Dine and Party at Clifton’s DTLA Along Broadway _____________________ The real draw to our city is Old Hollywood and tales of the Golden Age. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of the classics you have to admit that those stories from years ago are what started all of the hype for our city today. One of the best places to truly experience the feel of the Los Angeles yesteryear is none other than the historic Clifton’s Cafeteria in Downtown Los Angeles. Recently restored to its original splendor, Clifton’s is now the last cafeteria left in the city from the golden era age of cafeteria style dining. Don’t let the word “cafeteria” confuse you with school lunches and stark rooms 

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Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles

Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles As we wrap up the summer season at The Hollywood Bowl, the L.A. Philharmonic flies south (about 17 minutes) to their winter home at The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles. This is an amazing venue, and certainly one of the most photographed structures for visitors coming to L.A. This Frank Ghery designed building must be seen in person and on foot. We recommend walking around the entire building to fully understand the dimensions and architecture. Opened about this same time back in 2003, it’s become an incredibly iconic building, not only in DTLA (Downtown L.A.) but all of Southern California. The LA Phil, with Gustavo Dudamel as their Music 

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Holiday Concerts at The Walt Disney Concert Hall

Deck the Hall!  Holiday Concerts at The Walt Disney Concert Hall in DTLA Like bears, it’s that time of year when the L.A. Phil leaves the great outdoors (The Hollywood Bowl) and move indoors (The Walt Disney Concert Hall). Both are incredible venues and have become true landmarks in the city of Los Angeles.  The Hollywood Bowl opened in 1922, and the Frank Gehry designed Walt Disney Concert Hall opened in 2003.  The Bowl holds about 18,000 music lovers, while the hall holds a cozy 2300 guests. Here’s the LA Phil holiday concerts at The Walt Disney Concert Hall this season: DEC 15 at 8pm • DEC 17 at 8pm Handel’s Messiah   From the gentle simplicity of the Pastorale to 

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