The Best Way to Tour Hollywood and Beverly Hills From LAX Los Angeles Airport

Glitterati Tours is one of the few private tour companies in Los Angeles with the permits to access LAX Airport for roundtrip sightseeing tours of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the beach communities of Santa Monica and Malibu.  Typically, guests with layovers have a limited time to see the city of L.A.  A private tour is the best option.  Obviously, it will be more expensive than a larger group or bus tour of the city, but one is paying for the convenience and the opportunity to fully customize their interests, and get the best perspective of our sprawling metropolis.  We often look at these tours as a sampler platter, and more times than not, guests will be enticed to return and spend more time in L.A. once they realize the full spectrum of things to do, places to eat, art galleries to visit, shopping opportunities and a full range of hidden gems.   For more information on Los Angeles and Hollywood tours departing from LAX Los Angeles airport, visit our website: Roundtrip sightseeing tour companies from LAX Los Angeles Airport