The Break Up Bar Los Angeles

Valentine’s Day is great in theory, but you definitely aren’t alone if you are annoyed with the greeting card holiday. While it may be frustrating if you find yourself unwantedly alone this Valentine’s Day, you can at least be together with other loners at a clever pop up bar on Melrose Avenue.

The Break Up Bar Los Angeles

The Break Up Bar Los Angeles

L.A. brings you the Break Up Bar this Valentine’s season. The bar is designed for those singles with a broken heart, or happy to be free from any commitment. A ticket to get in comes with a complimentary sparkling wine flight – but the real highlight of the bar is its clever handcrafted cocktails. With names such as ​A Cold Day In Hell, Ghosted, or I Dealt With Your Parents For Years, ​one can’t help but laugh and lighten up their situation! Classic break up movies play on a projection, and a wall displays hilarious break up stories, texts, and celebrations of singlehood.

The bar only runs through Valentine’s Day – so definitely check it out before it’s gone!

If you are feeling lucky to be in a dynamic duo and are in need of a plan for a proper Valentine’s Day date, check out Open Table for all of the best restaurants and date night spots in Los Angeles to reserve your spot. Things book up fast so don’t delay, so check out their hilarious You Tube videos reminding you to book:  Open Table on You Tube

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-By Lindsay