The Sill for Plants in Los Angeles

You get it. We’re spoiled here is Los Angeles. We have sunshine year round and we get to see green all year round (especially with the recent rains). But plant lovers in L.A. just got another reason to be excited – and you can get excited too…

The Sill is one of the top online plant shops for plant lovers. Coining the term, #PlantsMakePeopleHappy, they work hard to make sure your home is green, fresh, and full of life! Their mission is to not only get you quality products, but to teach you to care for and keep the plants alive. It takes a little more than just talking to your plants, and each one is different. Their instructions are simple to understand and easy to keep track of.

The Sill for Plants in Los Angeles

The Sill for Plants in Los Angeles

Now how does this relate to L.A.? They opened their first storefront here in the heart of WeHo. The bright spot is full of friendly faces and, obviously — plants. You can do much more than just pop in and look. There are plenty of plants, and planters to take home a new green friend – but they also have workshops to help you learn how to care for them. Everything from succulents to snake plants, they will teach you how to pot and care for the new greenery. Workshops don’t stop at basic plant care. People are creative, and so are their workshops. They also have craft ideas such as plant embroidery! Time to try out a new art form!

Plant shop in Los Angeles

Plant Lovers in LA

The Sill is located at 8125 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048, and you can find them online at ​www.thesill.com​. For all you social media guru’s, you can give them a follow on instagram at ​https://www.instagram.com/thesill/​. It will definitely add some color and brighten up your feed! A little green during the final white winter months!

-By Lindsay