Things to Do in Los Angeles During Summer

Looking for things to do in Los Angeles during summer?  The list is endless, but we also have a few pointers to make sure you get the most out of our city during your stay.  Of course, it’s the busiest time of year and you could be competing with countless other visitors looking for the same activities during July and August.

Things to do in los angeles during summer

Santa Monica Pier

If you’re planning a weekend beach day at any of the local L.A. county beaches such as Malibu, Santa Monica or Venice, it’s best to pick a spot or two and just make it your base.  Traffic going up the coast along Pacific Coast Highway, and certainly anything near the pier, could be incredibly busy.  If possible, make your visit on a weekday, and then enjoy a sunset dinner if you have to head back to Hollywood or Beverly Hills during rush-hour.


The Griffith Park Observatory is also one of our most popular destinations, and again, weekends will be crazy.  Parking is limited, so ride-sharing services might be recommended.  Keep in mind that you’ll also be sharing this venue with the 1000’s of hikers every day that utilize the nearby trails.

Griffith Park Observatory

Griffith Park Observatory

The Hollywood Bowl is a very special place, and many shows tend to sell out. If you want to see a live music performance at this legendary spot, book it now!  Splurge for a box seat, and enjoy a picnic style table-side dining experience.  Most nights allow guests to bring in their own food and drink, but double check possible restrictions.  Otherwise, their on-site restaurants and wine bars can have you well taken care of during your night under the stars.

Things to do in los angeles

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood & Highland Center in Los Angeles is home to The Hard Rock Café, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the walk of fame, and The Dolby Theatre (home of The Academy Awards). Our job is to be ambassadors for the great cities around Los Angeles.  So we’ll be honest with you.  The walk of fame was just rated one of the worst tourist attractions in the WORLD! It’s currently a free-for-all with aggressive folks along the walk all trying to get your money.  Yes, there are some hard working talented character performers in costume and acts that are amazing in keeping the Hollywood “feel” alive, but until this area is better regulated and security improved, best to keep your cell phones and wallets in your front pocket, your purses zipped and your kids close by. Trust us, we’ve been at this for over a decade, and we’ve seen some incredibly shady stuff along this stretch. The center court mall at the H&H Center is really nice though, and it’s up off the street level.  It’s here where you can find great places to eat, shop and just grab a coffee and take in the Hollywood scene.

If you’re still in the planning stages for your summer trip to Los Angeles, get on it now!  Hotels, museums, restaurants, private tours and studio tours will fully book up in advance. Keep up to date on more of the must-see sights and tours available at Glitterati Tours of L.A.